Since September 2020, we as a family, have become the proud owners of De Plantage Boutique Resort in Jan Thiel. Our goal is to offer future guests a memorable stay during their vacation in Curaçao.

Since then, we have been working hard on the renovation of the already beautiful resort of De Plantage. All 1-bedroom suites have been completely re-tiled. A wooden, rustic floor creates a beautiful romantic look. Some of the suites have a new kitchen; marble white tiles, sturdy black taps and teak wooden doors. Together with the wooden floor, these natural elements and colours provide a cozy atmosphere

We are very aware of the uncertain times we currently live in. During the renovations we made sure each suite offers enough personal space. Our jungle, 1-bedroom suites have a completely new wooden patio. In this way, guests can enjoy their privacy and the beautiful garden even more.

We still have a lot of ideas that we would like to realise at De Plantage. At the same time, it is already a beautiful, serene resort for anyone who wants to visit the island. We will keep you updated on further renovation plans!

For now; let’s meet! We hope to see you soon!

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